Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict
14 March 2024
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Final INSPIRE Conference and Exhibition

The INSPIRE project invites you to explore the role of art, artists and creative practice in and after violent conflict and war with us. Our work has focused on the role of artists, art and activism in and after wars in Sudan, Myanmar and amongst exiled artists in several countries.

We start from the belief that research that engages artists, art and audiences allows us to better comprehend human experiences – not least in situations that are difficult to put into words. INSPIRE’s collaborative approach has aimed to bridge social sciences with humanities, drawing on work at the boundaries of art and social science. Using collaborative and arts-based methods, we highlight the importance of situated and embodied ways of understanding the world.

Our final conference follows the same approach, aiming to create inspiring exchanges between artists, researchers and audiences. The conference is kicked-off by the INSPIRE Art Award Ceremony at Nitja Centre for Contemporary Art, our partner in the INSPIRE Art Award.

All welcome!

Please register for the conference or the individual sessions here.