Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict
Anna Konik | Tsunami I, I series of Drawings of Disasters | 2010–2012 | Large-format drawing on paper, pencil | 110 × 145 cm



The INSPIRE Art Award is a global art prize encouraging and supporting artists working across disciplines of contemporary creation, whose practice is or has been affected by violent conflict.


PRIO & INSPIRE are proud to announce the unveiling of the INSPIRE Art Award. The Award aims to support artists whose creative practice responds to experiences of war, political violence, and violent conflict.

What inspires and motivates those engaged in creative practice? How do artistic expressions inspire and move others to action for social justice during and after war? How do artists, musicians, poets, art and activism intersect in and after wars in countries engaged in armed conflicts, and amongst exiled artists around the world?

The INSPIRE Art Award is an initiative of Inspirational Creative Practice: The Work of Artists after War and Violent Conflict (INSPIRE). INSPIRE is a research project that studies the role of artists and creative practice in and after violent conflict. The project is hosted by the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and connected to the PRIO Centre on culture and violent conflict (CCC)

This global Award is open to artists who are invited to apply on an open call basis. The INSPIRE Art Award offers selected artists a showing of their work (exhibition, installation, performance) in partnership with major cultural and art institutions in Norway and Switzerland.

The lead artist for the project is Simone Fattal who has consigned a work to the fundraising campaign and will come to Oslo to give a talk about her life and work.

The INSPIRE Art Award is very grateful to partner with Nitja Centre for Contemporary Art, Goethe Institut, the Peacebuilding and the Arts Program (Brandeis University), Residency Unlimited and Thanks for Nothing. Nitja, located near Oslo in Lillestrøm, will host the INSPIRE Art Award Ceremony and the Group Presentation in spring 2024. Residency Unlimited will host the winner artist and is waving their program fee.

Shortlisted Artists for 1st Edition of the INSPIRE Art Award

Close to 100 applications from talented artists around the world were received representing 35 countries, showing how many people and places are affected by war, displacement and political violence. The jury considered all applications carefully and after extensive deliberations, are honoured to present the five nominees.

PRIO and the INSPIRE Project are proud to present the five nominees for the 1st edition of the INSPIRE Art Award:

Zahrasadet Hakim, visual artist from Iran/Iraq (based in Switzerland) 
Daria Pugachova, performance artist Ukraine (based in Ukraine) 
Gervais Tomadiatunga, dancer from DRC (based in France) 
Zun May Oo, visual artist from Myanmar (based in Thailand)                    
Eyoeal Kefyalew, photographer from Ethiopia (based in Ethiopia)

INSPIRE Award Ceremony will take place April 2024

Jury Members:

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