Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict

Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz

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Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz is a social anthropologist and researcher. She is working with Katarzyna Grabska on the Sudanese artists.

Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz holds a PhD in Social Anthropology, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Azza’s research has explored cultural understandings of health and well-being, which largely feature an exploration of the interface between such understandings and biomedical configurations of health. Her work pivots on how different individuals and groups access health and understand well-being on a continuum ranging from therapeutics based on cultural beliefs, sensory experience, bodily memory and those based on scientific epistemologies and biomedicine. She has in-depth experience working on these issues among individuals and groups whose lives have been subject to experiences of movement/migration both in the UK and in Sudan.

Furthermore, she has focused on the problematic of the diversity of Sudanese identities from the vantage point of the social and the political, to elucidate how it impacts processes of exclusion, marginalisation, difference, belonging and becoming. More recently she has been working on the role of women in the Sudanese revolution of December 2018: their avenues of political participation during the transitional period, as well as how music and art are pathways in the quest for the construction of healthier modes of national identities.