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Almogera Abdalbagea

Almogera Abdalbagea Visual Artist

Almogera Abdalbagea is a Sudanese artist with a particular interest in culture, heritage and history. His focus is on promoting peace and exploring how societies evolve and transform over time.

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Almogera Abdalbagea
Visual Artist

The artist

Almogera Abdalbagea (b. 1994) is an artist from Sudan currently living in the capital Khartoum. He holds a bachelor's degree in Art and Painting and has a diploma in Graphic Design from the University of Sudan for Science and Technology.

Almogera's artistic practice evolves around topics of ethnic diversity and group formations within Sudan, in which his particular focus is on peaceful coexistence among different groups.

"I am particularly interested in promoting peace. I explore the issues related to identity and how it has been forged through colonisation and how it impinges on its manifestations in the post-colonial period. I equally explore how colonisation has left an imprint on contemporary Sudanese culture".

In his artwork, Almogera usually uses different types of surfaces, such as clay, palm leaves, wood and leather, to ensure the democratisation of art for as many social and cultural groups as possible in Sudan. His quest is to ensure that contemporary art reaches all sectors of society, especially those with limited access to this medium. "Art as an aesthetic form should be appreciated and available to as many people as possible", he says.

Almogera also paints murals and has used this art form to express and bear witness to the Sudanese Revolution. Three of the murals can be found in the British Embassy in Khartoum, but he has also painted murals in many places across the country. In addition, his artwork was published in two books about the December revolution in Sudan and the journal 'Women in Africa' [majalat Afriqiya lil maraa].

Almogera is a member of the Secretariat of the Association for Sudanese artists, as well as a member of the Secretariat for the Commission in charge of developing the curriculum for teaching art. He also organises workshops for artists and children. For example, in 2019, he held a workshop together with Unesco, UN, Ahfad University of Women, Kafa organisation, Goethe Institute and the Association for Sudanese Artists.

In 2018, he won the 1st prize of the Africa Prize for Arab African Youth.

Selected works

Life (virtual solo exhibition, 2021)

A virtual exhibition about the pandemic and the corona virus.

"Life is greater and noble than matter in light of the transformation of the world. People knew the meaning of human life and its preservation, and the value of man increased more than anything in the world".

Twenty one (solo exhibition, 2020, Downtown Gallery)

The art in this exhibition reflects the desolate year of 2020 due to the pandemic. As reflected in the artworks, Algomera wishes to express that despite obstacles and difficulties, life still remains beautiful.

Azza (solo exhibition, 2019)

In this exhibition, Algomera explores the role of women during the December revolution of 2018 in Sudan.

Journalist Hamza Hendawi writes the following in an interview for the National: Like many among the millions who rose up against Sudan’s dictator Omar Al Bashir, Sudanese painter Almogera is convinced that the resilience and tenacity of women protesters were key to the continuity of the opposition movement in the face of the deadly tactics of the security forces. Seeking to artistically document that vital role, Almogera picked up his brushes and painted 17 images of women clad in bright and cheerful colours while marching on the streets against Al Bashir’s rule of the vast Afro-Arab country. The women’s postures in the paintings project determination and their dress – from traditional Sudanese robes to western outfits – points to the diversity of their cultural and religious backgrounds.

"They are a cross between abstract and realism and they reflect the disappearance during the revolution of all differences between the Sudanese", Almogera told The National.

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