Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict

Suzan Ibrahim Mahjoub

Suzan Ibrahim Mahjoub Visual Artist

Suzan Ibrahim Mahjoub is a painter based in Sudan. By using abstract and semi-abstract techniques, her paintings reflect the diversity and richness of Sudanese culture.

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Suzan Ibrahim Mahjoub
Visual Artist

The artist

Suzan Ibrahim Mahjoub (b. 1974 in Karthoum, Sudan) holds a PhD in Philosophy of Art and works at the University of Karthoum at the Department of Art Education. She has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in workshops and group exhibitions both in and outside of Sudan. She is also a member of the Sudanese Artist Association and the Union of Sudanese Artist.

In her artwork, Suzan addresses themes that are mostly symbolic and indirect. The figure of the woman is often represented in her paintings. According to Suzan, the woman represent a high human value marked with symbolic and aesthetic connotations. Through the woman's contemplation, Suzan seeks to dive into her soul and celebrate her. She paints the woman as a sign of love, strength and pride - as a symbol of Earth, of happiness, and joy - in a state of stillness and in anticipation of a better tomorrow.

Suzan also paints murals as part of her activism in the revolution in Sudan. She believes that the documentation of revolutions are important. The murals express knowledge, aesthetic vision and awareness that becomes available to everyone.

Mural on the walls of Khartoum club (Oxfam organsiation, 2020)
Mural on the walls of Khartoum club (Oxfam organsiation, 2020)

Selected works

'An ode to her' (February 2022, Group exhibition, The Downtown Gallery)

The interactive group exhibition 'An ode to her' taps into the magnitudes of female expression in the physical and metaphysical space of Sudan. The art is comprised by female artists, who visualises the diversity of the woman from different timeframes. The exhibition also reveals the limitations and boundaries that these artists work in, but also illustrate how artistic practice becomes a vessel of resilience, strength, and empowerment.

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