Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict

Waleed Mohammed

Waleed Mohammed Visual Artist

Waleed Mohammed is an emerging Sudanese contemporary artist from Khartoum who made waves with his debut exhibition with paintings based on old Sudanese photographs.

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Waleed Mohammed
Visual Artist

About the Artist

Waleed Mohammed (b.2000) is a Sudanese contemporary artist based in Khartoum. He emerged onto the art scene with a remarkable debut in the collective exhibition "Across Generations" in October 2021, showcasing his work alongside renowned Sudanese artists. Following this success, Waleed hosted his first solo exhibition, "Reverse," at the prestigious Downtown Gallery in Khartoum in January 2022. Waleed majored in painting at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Sudan University of Science and Technology and has established his own studio in Khartoum.

Due to the outbreak of the conflict in Sudan in the spring 2023 Waleed has had to leave his studio and Khartoum. Two of his works were exhibited in Portugal "Disturbance in The Nile" exhibition.

Waleed Mohammed

Waleed describes: "My participation with two pieces in the project “Disturbance in The Nile” documents the evolution of contemporary Sudanese art and reflects the challenges experienced by artists throughout the 30 years of Al Bashir regime and during the current war. It explores the struggle for artistic expression in Sudan."

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