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Salute Yal Bannot

Salute Yal Bannot Performing Artist

Salute yal bannot is an all-girl band based in Sudan. Writing and composing their own songs, their creative practice explores social and political issues, particularly concerning women.

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Salute Yal Bannot
Performing Artist

The artist

Salute Yal Bannot is an all-girl band which was created in the 'Yalla Khartoum' workshop organised by the Goethe Institute in Khartoum, Sudan with the Africa American artist Akua Naru in 2015. The band has six members and consists of two vocals, a guitar, a bass guitar, drums and piano. Salute Yal Bannot represented and represents diversity in which the members of the band are from the various different places in Sudan.

Salute Yal Bannot in its creative practice focuses on social issues concerning black women in Sudan for example FGM, racism and love. Since the 2018-2019 revolution in Sudan, they have also actively become involved in issues around justice, freedom and peace. They write their own songs and compose them. Their lyrics are written in both English and Sudanese Arabic. Over the years, the band has been aiming to inspire women around the world, not just Sudan, to move towards their dreams, to encourage them to do what they believe in and love, and to move beyond social barriers.

Their debut album Bittersweet was released in March 2021.

LYRICS Bittersweet

As I was taking a walk in my world of lights I was lost looking around seeing signs
Defeated I’ve felt for too long but I must rise and aim with a shining smile
The eyes of the world were fire indeed they make my heartbeat
And here I am wanting to speak wanting to share the art that flows out of me
Towards life and goals indeed I should share the love I feel
My dreams feel incomplete But there’s nothing I can do but heed
Trying my best to be the best that I can be at the times I need most to believe In “Me”

More on Salute Yal Bannot's Instagram and Youtube channel.

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