Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict

Pablo Gershanik’s “Eighty Bullets in the Wing” Presented in Montreal at the SBC Gallery

Pablo Gershanik's 'Eighty Bullet in the Wing' was activated on November 4th as part of the exhibition 'Under the Rain of Others' at SBC Gallery in Montreal.

The exhibition 'Under the Rain of Others' dealt with themes of collective memory, reconstruction and historical trauma and healing.

From the SBC Gallery website:

"The exhibition 'Under the Rain of Others' is inspired by the book of the same title written by Argentine poet and activist Juan Gelman during his exile in Rome in 1980, which draws a fierce critique of the military regime while situating memory as a process of personal and collective reconstruction, a duty that belongs to us all.

What stories are we ready to tell and how are we ready to listen to them? The works of Hannah Claus, Till Roeskens, Pablo Gershanik and Jo Ractliffe share as their point of origin the post-traumatic processes from the political and spatial reconstruction of mourning from the Aboriginal feminicides in Canada, the occupation of the Palestinian territories, the dictatorial regime in Argentina and the apartheid in South Africa. Through performance, installation and video, the exhibition presents the spectral landscape of the past that haunts us unwaveringly to announce the need for awareness, for transformation."

Pablo Gershanik writes:

“I wonder what it means to rebuild a tragedy? Does it consist of returning to the nightmare’s fragment zero to reorganize the shards of pain? Or is it to tell a story, to knead it, to reinvent it and then share it until the poison dissolves? Absence, lead and gunpowder; joy and life frozen by the Green Falcons. A city on the operating table. Argentina 1975, a trip in search of Mario, my father, the story that binds us together for eternity as a foggy, broken mirror indelibly marked by this moment of bullets and wings."