Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict
2 September 2022
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Artist Collaboration: Open Space Geneva [17-20.09.22]

​Starting September 17, Kasia Grabska (PRIO) in collaboration with artists Anna Konik and Marisa Cornejo will bring together a group of artists who have lived experiences of exile, displacement, violent conflict, or political persecution and who work creatively on related issues in their artistic practice in an Open Space in Geneva. They will come together to reflect, discuss, and create collaboratively around the themes of war, conflict, displacement and social (in)justice.

Participating artists have backgrounds from Palestine, Myanmar, Sudan, Argentina, France, Syria, and Colombia amongst others. Their artistic practices span across different disciplines, and they include choreography, theatre, painting, literature, installation, and lens-based practices.

This initiative has the aim to create a collective space of reflection and creation which relates to the themes explored in the INSPIRE research project. Through collaborative work these artists of multidisciplinary background will work together on a collaborative piece.

The Open Space will be hosted by Utopiana Residency and Espace Kugler.

Read more about the Open Space Geneva initiative and the participant artists on the INSPIRE website. For more INSPIRE collaborations news, follow INSPIRE's social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Open Space Geneva PRIO Website.jpg

Participating artists include (in the order pictured):

Stella Gaitano, Chuu Wai, Mithkal Alghazir, Aissa Deebi, Pablo Gershanik, Anna Konik, Luis Carlos Tovar, Marisa Cornejo