Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict
15 November 2022
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New Special Issue Edited by Katarzyna Grabska in the Journal Music and Arts in Action!

We are happy to announce the publication of a Special Issue in the journal Music and Arts in Action (fully Open Access) titled: ‘Transgressing and Reworking Social Boundaries through Dance and Music’. The collection is edited by Katarzyna (Kasia) Grabska (PRIO) and Roy Huijsmans (ISS) and is realized through an ISS Research Incentive Facility grant as well as the INSPIRE Research Project (PRIO).

The Special Issue collection focuses on music and dance in and from the Global South in conflict and post-conflict settings. The central analytical theme connecting the contributions is that of boundaries and the role of dance and music in transgressing and reworking sets of  boundaries. This refers to the boundaries of methodological conventions, the boundaries that are often drawn between what are deemed private and public spheres, the role of gender in relation to boundaries as well the spatial dimension of transgressing and reworking boundaries - including the emplaced aspects of dance and music. The contributing papers are about women musicians during the 2018 revolution in Sudan, the ambiguous role of social commentary in Lao contemporary dance, the relevance of hip hop in Myanmar refugee camps in Thailand, the reworking of gender by women hip hop artists in Vietnam and an interview with the artist Prumsodun Ok about labels and social boundaries in relation to Khmer classical dance.