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Myanmar Diaries: Marte Nilsen to Participate in Panel Conversation [03.03.22]

This Thursday (03.03 at 17 CET) Marte Nilsen, one of the senior researchers on the INSPIRE project, will participate in a panel conversation after the viewing of the film Myanmar Diaries.

Myanmar on the brink of collapse or at the start of people's revolution?

Thursday 03.03  17:00                 
Vega Scene, Kino

One year has passed since the military seized power in Myanmar in a military coup. The people responded through massive civil disobedience and large, creative street protests. Following the first wave of protests, arrests and brutal abuse, including of activists, journalists and others, international attention has faded and the protests have transformed into a civil war like situation in many parts of the country. Many people are in hiding or have fled the country. What is the situation in the country today? Is there a united opposition, and will they be able to challenge the military and bring back some form of democracy? Is the country heading towards full collapse or is there hope that the people’s revolution might succeed?

Aye Chan Naing, Editor, Democratic Voice of Burma
Marte Nilsen, Senior Researcher, PRIO
Petr Lom, Creative Producer
Ingeborg Moa, Executive Director of The Norwegian Human Rights Fund – moderator

The event is part of the HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival and in cooperation with Fritt Ord.

Check out the event and read more about it here.