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Hangama Amiri to Present Her Installation ‘Threshold (2022)’ as Part of Sharjah Biennial 15th, ‘Thinking Historically in the Present’

February 7th 2023 will see the opening of the Sharjah Biennial 15: 'Thinking Historically in the Present' by the Sharjah Art Foundation in Sharjah, UAE, curated by Hoor Al Qasimi, Director of the Foundation.

Hangama Amiri is one of the participating artists and she will be presenting a new comissioned installation "Threshold (2022)".

Sharjah Biennial

"The Sharjah Biennial is an international platform for exhibition and experimentation for artists from the region and beyond. Since 1993, the Sharjah Biennial has commissioned, produced and presented large-scale public installations, performances and films by artists around the world, bringing a broad range of contemporary art, cultural programmes and producers to the communities of Sharjah, the UAE and the region."

The upcoming Sharjah Biennial will position: "Sharjah’s own lived past within the transcultural universe of thought furthered by over 300 works by 160 artists and collectives, which will be installed in 5 cities across the emirate. Participating artists have been consciously evolving practices that critique monolithic understandings of nationhood, tradition, race, gender, body and imagination, which inform the Biennial’s intersectional thematic. Enwezor’s proposition of the ‘postcolonial constellation’ and its pluriverse of key concepts form one point of departure as SB15 enables nuanced conversations around postcolonial subjectivity, the body as a repository of memories, processes of creolisation and hybridisation, the restitution of museumised objects, the racialising gaze, transgenerational continuities, global modernisms, indigeneity and decolonisation." (Source)

More information on the Sharjah Art Foundation website.

Hangama Amiri

Hangama Amiri is known by her fibre based artworks in which she often mixes fabrics such as chiffon, muslin, cotton and silk along with paper in her creative practice. She creates vibrant and intentionally constructed artworks where themes of gender, social norms, exile and memory are imbedded with personal memories resulting in what can be described as a narrative based practice. Read more about Hangama's artistic practice and the symbolic reasoning behind her interest in working with textiles in her INSPIRE profile.