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Faytinga Releases New Song

'Resolution Song' brings together voices from all over the world in a demonstration of global unity and a call for action to protect the planet. To read more about how the song was developed, check out this article published on Faytinga's website.

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Check out the song below. The song is also available on the Resolution Song (World on Our Shoulders) album released 22 April 2022

Credits Lead singer:

Faytinga (

Backing vocals: Temesghen Yared

Translation to Tigrinya: Shishai Shumendi

Adaptation of lyrics to melody: Shishai Shumendi

Adaptation of melody: Temesghen Yared

Mixing and studio recording: Temesghen Yared

Original song: World on Our Shoulders (Resolution Song)

Producers: Dominique Mathiot & Dahab Faid Tinga (Faytinga)

Lyrics (Tigrinya)