Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict

Chuu Wai Nyein Participates in the Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights

Burmese artist and activist Chuu Wai Nyein participated in the Geneva 20th International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) to talk about art and activism. The event was held March 6. Read more about it here.

The FIFDH is one of the leading international events dedicated to film and human rights. For the past 20 years, the festival has taken place in the heart of Geneva, the human rights capital, parallel to the annual main session of the UN Human Rights Council. Read more about the festival here.

'I went down on the street and started to demonstrate but I had nothing, so I went to a store and bought equipment to make a poster. When I started to write on my poster, some people asked me to make some for them to protest. From that day, I drew about 100 posters per day. This is my weapon against the dictatorship' - Chuu Wai Nyein.