Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict

“What Can We Learn From Artists?” Katarzyna Grabska Presents at Webster University Geneva

As part of Creativity Week at the Webster University in Geneva, June 2022 Katarzyna Grabska was invited to a talk organised by Julianna Sand-Holm Bark:

"What can we learn from artists? reflections on arts-centred programs, research and pedagogies" Katarzyna discussed the INSPIRE project and the research with artists in Sudan and exiled artists. Lilia Kudelia discussed her program in New York Julianna Bark spoke about the Meet the Artist Lecture Series, a pedagogical platform allowing for exchanges between artists working in the Geneva area and the Webster University community that has been running since 2008. The panelists spoke about what they have learned from working with artists and their audiences, and about what makes art so valuable in the 21st century.

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