Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict
8 June 2022
PRIO (Hausmanns gate 3, Oslo, Norway) and online
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INSPIRE Seminar Series: Identity, Alienation and Exclusion - a Conversation with Ibrahim Mursal

​​The last INSPIRE seminar for Spring 2022 with filmmaker Ibrahim Mursal took place at June 8, 12-13 CET. The event was a hybrid event, taking place at PRIO (Hausmanns gate 3) in Oslo, Norway and on Microsoft Teams. The audience attending in person was able to enjoy food from Mela Café.

Watch the recording of the event here.

About the seminar

In his work, filmmaker Ibrahim Mursal draws inspiration from his personal search for identity. Growing up between three cultural identities (Somali, Sudanese, Norwegian) and coming from a religiously conservative background, yet currently working to strengthen progressive movements, he is familiar with feeling alienated.

In conversation with Cindy Horst, he will discuss the difference between exclusion and alienation, and explore the need for nuance in researching the consequences of violent conflict and oppression. Mursal will talk about his documentary film 'The Art of Sin' and his upcoming work, which depict different forms of alienation that have followed experiences of oppression, flight and/or exile. The seminar will also address ethical questions that arise from researching sensitive topics, and how artists and researchers can best tackle these questions in a way that is both true and inclusive to their character and the topic of exploration.

The INSPIRE seminar series is a monthly online space where we explore arts-based methods, collaborative methods, ethics of doing research with artists, art as transformation and engaged scholarship - all in the context of violent conflict and war - with invited researchers and artists. The seminars are open to all interested in these topics. To read more about the INSPIRE research project, visit our website: