Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict
(© Image Nastassja Nefjodov)

Residency in Oslo

Residency in Oslo

Starting on the 15th of August PRIO, PRAKSIS and Motaz Habbash held a month-long residency with 10 artists whose creative practices respond to lived experiences of conflict and oppression. 


The R22 Residency: Repression - Expression // Violence - Creative Residency took place between 15 August to 9 September 2022

Together with Motaz Al Habbash and PRAKSIS, the INSPIRE researchers Cindy Horst and Sara Christophersen explored themes of creative resistance and expression in times of violence and oppression in a month-long residency with 10 amazing artists. The residency was underpinned by PRIO's ongoing research project INSPIRE, which investigates creative practice and activism in contexts of war. The artists participating include Iman Jabrah, Ayman AlAzraq, Yanina Zaichanka, Yamile Calderon, Jad El Koury, Diala Brisly, Nastassja Nefjodov, Tania Canas, Daria Pugachova, and Khalid Shatta.



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