Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict

Naser Agha

Naser Agha Visual Artist

Naser Agha is a Syrian artist based in Germany who has always found art to be a powerful mode of communication across borders. His emotive and beautiful canvases are inspired by the pursuit of beauty and draw from his interests in architectural and cultural structures which he evokes in his works.

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Naser Agha
Germany / Syria
Visual Artist

The artist

"Art always open the gates of the soul to search for questions that preoccupied mankind for salvation".

Naser Agha is an artist from the city of Aleppo in Syria who now lives in Bremen, Germany. For Naser, art is a way of communicating and to search for spirituality and the pureness of beauty.

His art expresses the bond between painting and poetry - one reflects the other. Lyric and musical harmonies seem to be visible in his colorful compositions. His artwork usually starts from the reality and finish in abstract and dreamy expressions with a touch of nostalgia for the great civilizations of the past. He especially finds inspiration in human values and architecture. Both the city of Aleppo and Bremen are often represented in his paintings. The bright colors catches the eye immediately, in which the colors are carried by the rhythm of architectural elements that are typical for his homeland Syria: the arches, windows and doors and the rich ornamentation form the framework for his very intensive oil and acrylic painting. He also adresses topics such as the dangerous power of the sea, especially when sitting in a small boat, as well as motives of women and motherhood.

"Art is the most important bridge, a real contact with every day life and to be able to produce society" - Naser Agha

Having experienced war, art is a way for Naser to discover the soul and to liberate it from its torments. He wishes to represent Syria and Syrians' deep-rooted culture of never giving up and their desire to stay alive. "Syria is my biggest pain. It is all my body and soul. It is my homeland [...] Everything has changed now. My soul is wounded and tired of the never-ending suffering of my country".

"As an artist one looks for beauty, which is why it is difficult to live in the reality of war and terrorism. The artist only finds refuge in dreams and imagination" - Naser Agha

Since, 1992, Naser has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions around the world and he has won several local and international awards.

Solo exhibitions

"Between Orient and Occident", Gallery 149 (2021), Bremen, Germany

Art15 Gallery (2016), Bremen, Germany

Nis Art Gallery (2015), Istanbul, Turkey

Gallery of the Syrian Cultural Center (2010), Madrid, Spain

Gallery of the Syrian Cultural Center (2010), Paris, France

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