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Fatima Barznge

Fatima Barznge Visual Artist

Fatima Barznge is an artist whose work focuses on memory, drawing inspiration from her childhood in a destroyed Kurdish village, her studies, and her experiences as a political refugee in the Netherlands, with her art encompassing various series that explore memory, history, and trauma through a range of styles and motifs.

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Fatima Barznge
Kurdistan / Netherlands
Visual Artist

Fatima Barznge is an artist whose work is deeply influenced by the theme of memory. She grew up in Aghjalar, a village in Iraqi Kurdistan that was destroyed in the Anfal war campaign. Her art revolves around revisiting her childhood memories, cultural heritage, and the places she can never return to. Barznge studied business administration in Baghdad, fled for political reasons in 1997, and settled in the Netherlands, where she graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 2005.

Her works often feature intricate and shimmering surfaces with markings reminiscent of traditional weaving techniques from her childhood, and they encompass both figurative and non-figurative elements. Barznge's art serves as a means of working through her past, addressing trauma, and the duty to remember, while also delving into the study of the square as a motif, referencing both traditional Islamic art and the avant-garde.

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