Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict

Cecilia G. Salinas

Cecilia G. Salinas Visual Artist

Dr. Cecilia Salinas is a trained artist and anthropologist. In her artistic practice, she combines words and images to explore the topic of childhood and trauma. She conceives art as a way to heal and transform society and the self.

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Cecilia G. Salinas
Argentina / Norway
Visual Artist

Artistic practice

In November 2021 Cecilia concluded an individual exhibition called SÅR, a 15-year artistic exploration on the topic of childhood and trauma, and artistic practice as a way to heal, transform and reconstitute. The word SÅR means both “wound” and “to sow” in Norwegian, and Cecilia engages these two separate meanings in her project.

Through a series of eleven oil paintings and poems in Norwegian, English and Spanish by well-known poets, writers and herself, Cecilia seeks to raise awareness about childhood and trauma. Trauma can corrupt, but healing can turn wounds into building blocks. The purpose of the SÅR project is to create a space for reflection on individual and collective levels and to contribute to public debates on childcare policy.

Selected works

A selection of art works from Cecilias’ project SÅR, as well as a new work in development can be found below. The new project consists of digital collages that circulate around themes of representation, identity and belonging.

Cecilia says, "INSPIRE seems a great project that can carve out a space for people with similar concerns to meet and hopefully collaborate in connecting art- and research methodologies".

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