Artistic encounters
in war and violent conflict
16 March 2021
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Workshop: Exploring Inspiration

Throughout March and April, a group of six artists have been invited to take part in a series of workshops to explore inspiration. The focus of our group is to deepen our relationship with and understanding of inspiration and how it is guiding us in our lives and creative work. What is inspiration and where does it come from? How does inspiration live in our bodies, psyches, minds and hearts? What opens it, what blocks it and how can we more consciously work with this source of energy and intelligence? What particular knowing do artists hold about inspiration? What is the relationship between inspiration, conflict and love? The intention is to open to, feel, embody and put words to our inspiration in ways that support each participant in their work, through shared learning.

The workshops are facilitated by Miriam Latif Sandbæk, a transformational coach and group facilitator who has worked extensively with artists. The work is exploratory and emergent, and Miriam will offer teachings, resources and tools in response to the issues that are most relevant for the participants in the group. In between our gatherings, you will receive e-mails with questions and practices for deepening our explorations, including invitations to go out into nature to work with themes that arise.

When we share our experiences and are witnessed by others, it moves us forward. Exploring in community allows us to tap into a bigger field of intelligence and opens us to new ways of seeing. By opening to the many aspects of inspiration with different artists working on similar themes, our hope and intention is that each participant will gain new insights and experiences that will enrich and inspire their artistic work as well as personal lives.

Learn more about the workshop here.